Why is the Application Insights TrackMetric method missing?

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Short an­swer is that method is miss­ing be­cause some­one in the de­vel­op­ment team for­got to use an Ob­so­lete at­tribute. This method in the Teleme­tryClient class in the Mi­crosoft.Ap­pli­ca­tion­In­sights NuGet pack­age is used very of­ten. Af­ter the lat­est up­date of the pack­age it just dis­ap­peared. Sur­pris­ingly, the method isn’t listed the In­tel­liSence but the older code where this method is used can be suc­cess­fully com­piled without any error or warn­ing.

The case

The chrono­log­i­cal or­der of events which forced me to write this ar­ti­cle was fol­low­ing:

May 23, Microsoft.ApplicationInisghts, 2.6.4

The Teleme­tryClient.Track­Met­ric method does not con­tain any sum­mary or at­tribute which would af­fect IDE.

August 7, Microsoft.ApplicationInisghts, 2.7.1

The Teleme­tryClient.Track­Met­ric method gets the sum­mary Doc­u­mentation Com­ment. There is noth­ing bad, but the in­for­ma­tion it con­tains does not have the right se­man­tic. The sum­mary tag is used to de­scribe a type or a type mem­ber. It isn’t in­tended to mark the stage of its life­cy­cle.

/// <summary> /// This method is deprecated... /// </summary>

August 11, Microsoft.ApplicationInisghts, 2.7.2

Four days af­ter, the Teleme­tryClient.Track­Met­ric method is hid­den from the In­tel­liSence. There is noth­ing bad, but this step makes im­pos­si­ble to see the con­tent of the sum­mary tag above.


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