The growth of Azure datacenters in Europe

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Eu­ro­pean com­pa­nies will soon have a much wider of­fer of Azure re­gions. Be­sides 6 cur­rent Azure re­gions in Eu­rope – Am­s­ter­dam (West Eu­rope), Dublin (North Eu­rope), Lon­don (UK South), Cardiff (UK West), Paris (France Cen­tral) and Mar­seille (France South) – an­other 8 re­gions will be avai­l­able. Mi­crosoft will op­er­ate 11 Azure re­gions in North­ern Amer­ica and 14 re­gions in Eu­rope. An­other 13 re­gions are lo­cated in Asia.


Ger­many al­ready has two Azure dat­a­cen­ters in Magde­burg (Ger­many North­east) and Frank­furt am Main (Ger­many Cen­tral). They are op­er­ated by Deutsche Telekom (specif­i­cally by T-Sys­tems In­ter­na­tional sub­sidiary) and are avai­l­able un­der a spe­cial con­tract only. These dat­a­cen­ters will no longer ac­cept new cus­tomers or de­ploy­ing any new ser­vices. New dat­a­cen­ters will be pre­ferred.

New Azure re­gions will be in Ber­lin (Ger­many North) and Frank­furt am Main (Ger­many West Cen­tral). The new dat­a­cen­ters will de­liver a con­sis­tent ex­pe­ri­ence. The dis­tance is ap­prox­i­mately 500 km (310 miles).


Mi­crosoft is build­ing two new dat­a­cen­ters in Switzer­land. Zurich (Switzer­land North) dat­a­cen­ter is be­ing con­structed by e-shel­ter and Geneva (Switzer­land South) dat­a­cen­ter by Safe Host. Dat­a­cen­ters are about 200 km (125 miles) apart.


Nor­way will have two new dat­a­cen­ters in Oslo (Nor­way East) and Sta­vanger (Nor­way West). The dis­tance be­tween two dat­a­cen­ters is about 300 km (190 miles) by air, but due to a dif­fi­cult ter­rain, the con­nec­tion length may be around 530 km (330 miles).


Two new dat­a­cen­ters will be lo­cated ap­prox­i­mately 170 km (105 miles) north of Stockholm in ci­ties Gävle and Sand­viken. Lo­ca­tions are about 25 km close to each other.