UWP will become WinUI 3, surpassing WPF and WinRT

The lat­est and great­est tech­nol­ogy have been, ac­cord­ing to Mi­crosoft’s mar­ket­ing state­ments, Uni­ver­sal Win­dows Plat­form. The rea­son for that was the need for a sin­gle run­time for mo­bile de­vices, tablets, and desk­tops. Un­til re­cently. Sur­face Duo will stick with An­droid and Win­dows de­vel­op­ment is ex­pe­ri­enc­ing a roll­back. Cur­rent UWP apps will no longer be eligible to dis­tri­bu­tion via Mi­crosoft Store. Only those based on Win­dows App SDK will see the green light. Read more ›