IoT hardware platforms

In­ter­net of things is a net­work of em­bed­ded sys­tems. Mi­cro­con­trollers are not a new thing. BIOS in com­puter mother­board is a mi­cro­con­troller which loads code from a pe­riph­eral. There are many plat­forms you can build your own em­bed­ded sys­tem on. The more pop­u­lar and easy to use the plat­form is the more lim­its you usu­ally have. I’m so im­pressed how the hard­ware de­vel­op­ment field have moved dur­ing last decade, but also very dis­ap­pointed with Mi­crosoft’s lack of sup­port of .NET Mi­cro Frame­work. Read more ›


IoT wireless networks

In­ter­net is a net­work for servers, desk­tops, lap­tops, tablets and mo­bile phones. IoT is a net­work for mi­cro­con­trollers. The mi­cro­con­troller can com­mu­ni­cate via Eth­er­net, Blue­tooth, Wi-Fi or GSM, but none of the tech­nolo­gies were orig­i­nally de­signed for bat­tery-pow­ered mi­cro­con­trollers. There are other op­tions you can con­sider dur­ing de­sign­ing your hard­ware so­lu­tion. They are de­signed specif­i­cally for em­bed­ded sys­tems. Read more ›