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How C# nullable reference types affects your ASP.NET Core routing

I thought that the new C# 8.0 fea­ture – non-nul­lable ref­er­ence types is just an In­tel­liSense fea­ture pow­ered by Roslyn that pre­vents null ref­er­ence ex­cep­tions. I was wrong. It may af­fect how your ap­pli­ca­tion works in many ways. More specif­i­cally, ev­ery­thing that use re­flection can start be­having dif­fer­ently. It in­cludes also ASP.NET Core rout­ing. Some bind­ings can stop work­ing when no ad­di­tional code changes are ap­plied. Read more ›


How to redirect to HTTPS in ASP.NET MVC application correctly

Up­grad­ing browsers vis­it­ing your web­site to se­cure con­nec­tion is a best prac­tice and it is easy to do. I have de­cided to share my im­ple­men­ta­tion be­cause I had seen many par­tial or in­se­cure im­ple­men­ta­tions. Cor­rect im­ple­men­ta­tion sat­is­fies both back­ward com­pat­i­bil­ity and se­cu­rity re­quire­ments of var­i­ous web browsers. This ar­ti­cle covers what you need to know be­fore you start to redi­rect your users to HTTPS pro­to­col. Read more ›