Performance, limit and pricing comparison of various Azure storages

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While tra­di­tional PC has a file sys­tem and ran­dom ac­cess mem­ory, Mi­crosoft Azure is a lit­tle more com­pli­cated. Stor­age is dra­mat­i­cally af­fect­ing ap­pli­ca­tion ar­chi­tec­ture and per­for­mance. Re­mind how out­dating HDDs in fa­vor of modern SSDs al­lowed par­al­lel read­ing on a sin­gle drive. There are nu­mer­ous fac­tors to take into con­sider­a­tion when think­ing which stor­age is the best for some kind of data. A loop it­er­a­tion counter has dif­fer­ent re­quire­ments than cus­tomers list.

Stor­ageApp_Data (ASP.NET)File Stor­ageDatabase (MS-SQL)Doc­u­mentDBStor­ageReliable Col­lec­tion (Ser­vice Fab­ric)
Race con­di­tion dura­bil­ityNONOYESYESYES (Queue and Ta­ble), NO (Blob)YES
Retry logicNONOYES (.NET ≥ 4.6.1), NO (.NET ≤ 4.6)NONONO
Data struc­turebi­nary, stringbi­nary, stringT-SQL data types, .NET data types (aka CLR UDT)JSONbi­nary, string.NET Data Con­tract
Scale unitfilefileta­ble rowcol­lec­tionblob (Blob) par­ti­tion (Ta­ble), mes­sage (Queue)item (Dic­tionary), mes­sage (Queue)
Ef­fi­cient query­ingfile pathfile path(by de­fault none) col­umn in­cluded in in­dex(by de­fault ev­ery) prop­erty in­cluded in in­dexname (Blob), first item (Queue), en­tity row and par­ti­tion keys (Ta­ble)at­tached key of string or Uri (dic­tionary), first item (queue)
Ca­pac­ity limit1 GB5 TB2 GB (Ba­sic), 250 GB (Stan­dard), 500 GB (Pre­mium), 1 TB (Pre­mium P11), ad­di­tional 500 TB by mov­ing BLOBs to Stor­age1 TB500 TB (Blob), 200 TB (Queue), 100 TB (Ta­ble) 19 GB (A0), 224 GB (A1), 489 GB (A2), 1 TB (A3), 2 TB (A4)
Ca­pac­ity quota1 GB per file1 TB per file1 TB per BLOB (FILESTREAM)250 GB per col­lec­tionNO (block blob), 1 TB (page blob), 64 KB per mes­sage (Queue), 1 MB per en­tity (Ta­ble)2 GB per col­lec­tion
I/O limit (band­width)5 Mb/s (A0), 100 Mb/s (A1), 200 Mb/s (A2), 300 Mb/s (A3), 400 Mb/s (A4)5 Mb/s (A0), other­wise 63 Mb/s 5 Mb/s (A0), other­wise 8 Mb/s (Ba­sic), 40 Mb/s (S0), 55 Mb/s (S1), 72 Mb/s (S2), 120 Mb/s (S3), 1,5 Tb/s (P1), 2,5 Tb/s (P2)2 Mb/s (S1), 3 Gb/s per ac­count, 480 Mb/s per blob or ta­ble par­ti­tion5 Mb/s (A0), 100 Mb/s (A1), 200 Mb/s (A2), 300 Mb/s (A3), 400 Mb/s (A4)
Price per 1 GB per 1 month63 €0.07 €2.1 €2.1 €0.02 €0.2 €