Azure Portal: Hmmm... Looks like something went wrong

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Azure Por­tal some­times fails to load. It hap­pened to me sev­eral times. It was al­ways caused by ex­ceed­ing the quota of HTML5 Lo­cal Stor­age. The so­lu­tion is as sim­ple as clear­ing the stor­age and nav­i­gate to por­tal again. Mi­crosoft Edge con­tains hid­den De­vel­oper Tools which helps with tasks like this. You can also delete en­tire brows­ing his­tory but it will af­fect all web­sites, not just Azure Por­tal.


To fix this is­sue, fol­low steps be­low:

The error page should con­tain a fourth op­tion which would delete all cook­ies and Lo­cal Stor­age con­tent and nav­i­gate user back.